The 2023 National Match Play Tournament Is Underway!

Qualifying for the 2023 National Match Play Championship has begun. Several teams have already punched their ticket for the National Finals at Bandon Dunes in October, but some spots are still up for grabs. Read on to see who’s in, who’s still trying to qualify, and to find out what’s in store for 2024!


  • A Regional will be held Sept. 29 – Oct. 1 at WeKoPa in Phoenix, AZ that will feature two teams from the NorCal region.
  • Play-in qualifiers are also being held between teams from Springfield Golf Club and Fort Mill Golf Club, both in Fort Mill, NC. Upon completion of the qualifiers, a team from each club will earn a spot at Bandon Dunes.

Who’s Already Qualified?

In addition to the still-to-be-determined regional qualifiers, several teams have already earned their spot in the National Match Play Finals at Bandon Dunes. That includes:

  • Boise Ranch, Boise, ID, Bill Detmar, defending champion
  • Boise Ranch, Boise, ID, Jason Anderson
  • Rustic Canyon, Moorpark, CA, Tanner and Tyler Meredith
  • Springfield GC, Fort Mill, NC, Mike Murphy and Tim Quinn
  • Banbury GC, Eagle, ID, Jordan Cassel and Lindsay Casto
  • Pointe Royale Village, Branson, MO Steve Wunderlich, 2022 raffle winner

What’s Ahead in 2024

The 2024 National Match Play Championship will be legendary, with Semi-Finals matches to be played at Pebble Beach/Spyglass in the west and Streamsong in the east, and the Finals to be contested at Pinehurst. Quarterfinal matches will be held in the west at Singing HIlls in San Diego, and in the east at Barefoot in Myrtle Beach and Kiawah in Charleston, SC. The winners of the quarterfinal matches advance to the Semi-Finals at Pebble Beach and Streamsong (both of which include three nights lodging) next September. The Finals at Pinehurst are slated to begin October 10, 2024. Registration for the 2024 National Match Play Tournament will open in early 2024 and the entry deadline will be April 30.

Check back soon for more updates as the 2023 National Match Play Tournament continues!