National Match Play was born out of a love of sports and of competitions that end up with a National Champion.

John Tim Worden and Matt Crosby founded National Sports Competitions (aka NSC) in 2006. The model was to provide a competition format that started at the local level and advanced to a national level with some dramatic prizes and awards to the eventual national champions.

John Tim Worden
Matt Crosby

John and Matt were involved in numerous youth sports teams and leagues with and for their children. They started new sports leagues (the Saratoga Pony League and the Saratoga NJB basketball league) and even organized the construction of new fields. John Tim has coached baseball since 1975, and he still coaches a highly competitive collegiate summer baseball team that won a National Championship in 2017.

NSC and now National Match Play (NMP) were born out of a love of sports and competitions that ended up with a National Champion.

The National Match Play concept started as a nationwide baseball tournament, with teams eventually advancing to Pac Bell Park during the MLB season. It soon morphed into the present golf format. The original concept, which was approved by the USGA in 2006, was very similar to the current concept. Two-man net best ball match play (a Ryder Cup-esque experience for Everyman).

The tools to pull off something this big are now in place (from golf course mapping software to golf rating sites to social media exposure to a reborn love of golf in America). All these tools have combined to make the vision much more viable.