FAQ: Signup & Account

Get the information about the account sign-up, and other things related to the team management.

Last change: March 1, 2023.

To get more information about the current season and the play format, check out the FAQ pages dedicated to these topics.

How do I sign-up?

Go to the Sign Up page. Signing up is easy by following a few steps. First, create an account for the website and add your personal information. Next, complete your team setup by selecting the region you wish to play in. And finally, provide payment of the participation fee. To confirm sign up and for future access to your account, be sure to click the link in your account confirmation email.

Do I sign-up as a team?

No, you will sign up as a Captain. You will likely have a partner in mind, and most will play with the same partner throughout the competition. However, partners can be changed before any match.

What if I need to leave the competition for unforeseen circumstances?

In the 1st qualifying round your partner can assume your role as Captain (who can then add his own partner), or your spot will be filled from a waiting list established after the cutoff date. The National Match Play Administration will use info on file to fill your spot as Captain. The replacement Captain will inherit your record. If you need to leave the competition in a later round, your spot will be offered to the Captain of the team that finished immediately behind you at the prior level.

Can the player I select as a partner sign up as a Captain (and I play as his partner)?

Yes, but it should be at a different Local Host Site in your Area. If both teams advance and end up scheduled to play each other at the Area level, the Area Director will choose the appropriate runner-up from the 2 Local Host Sites based on the information available.


  • March 1, 2023: Few updates related to the new Season.