FAQ: Current Season

For the next year, there are going to be changes in the play format, number of teams and rounds.

Last change: December 31, 2023.

What is the cost?

For the Season 2024, the participation fee is again at $100 per team (representing a 50% discount).

Where will the 2024 finals be held?

The 2024 will be at Pinehurst, one of golf’s bucket list venues.

Will the 2nd year format be different from the 1st year?

We have targeted 18 potential Regions to provide teams to qualify for the finals. Most Regions include multiple Areas. The goal is to fill 12 Regions.

How do I qualify for Pinehurst?

Two teams have already qualified. The defending champion and the raffle winner from Bandon Dunes.

There are 3 remaining paths to fill the other 6 spots at Pinehurst. The easiest way is to have your club have the most or 2nd most signups in the US. The winner of their qualifying event advances directly to Pinehurst.

The next easiest is to have your course have the next top 8 levels of sign ups in the east or the west (called Elite 8). Their winners of the local qualifying advance to a 2-team competition where they will play a match on Saturday & another on Sunday. If tied after two rounds, play continues in sudden death format unless the course can’t accommodate

continuing play, in which case, the USGA matching of cards method will be used to break the tie.

Elite 8 1st round winners advance to Elite 8 finals in September.

The 3rd and final remaining method is all courses that hold qualifying events will have their winners compete against other winners in their Region. They will be grouped and play up to 5 matches to advance to a Quarterfinal in August. Schedules should accommodate a late July completion. Many may prefer this method even though it involves more levels and more out of pocket cost for the golf, the Quarterfinal winners advance to Semi-finals at Pebble Beach for the west and Streamsong for the east.

The finals at Pinehurst will include preliminary rounds at Mid-Pines.

What is a qualifying event?

Each course that signs up participating teams can schedule whatever event they believe will result in the most sign-ups.

The following are the preferred methods, ranked in order.

  1. Single day 2-man event resulting in multiple teams advancing to match play.
  2. Multiple single day events (2 or 4?) with winners squaring off in a match series.
  3. Match play league.
  4. Add an optional buy-in to an already existing tournament on the schedule. The low 2, 4, or more would play a match series.
  5. Whatever the course and/or men’s club decides.
In addition to the participation fees, what are my costs?

You are responsible for your golf costs at the Qualifying levels. National Match Play will cover the costs of green fees and lodging for each player (based on double occupancy) at the National Finals. Players will be responsible for travel to get to the National Finals. Further, an opening reception and an awards buffet banquet will be provided. Discount packages will be available for non-golfing guests.

What about refunds?

Each team can request and receive a full refund up to one week after the initial or subsequent change to their play schedule has been posted.


  • December 31, 2023: Updates related to the Season 2024.
  • March 1, 2023: Few updates related to the new Season.