Launch party for one-of-a-kind national golf tournament

To celebrate the launch of a unique golf tournament based on the very popular match play format, National Match Play, Inc. will host a launch party in the California Bay Area

Los Gatos, California – May 13, 2022 – Long planned and widely anticipated golf tournament based on the exciting match play golf format will kick off in 216 US cities — celebrated with a launch party at Sequoyah Country Club in the Oakland California foothills.

The primary feature of the party will be a 2-man, net best ball match play tournament for 72 players, in keeping with NMP’s unique play format. A cocktail reception will follow the match where NMP will show off the tools used to derive the golf and demographic intelligence used to build their tournament. In addition to an amazing
assortment of swag, a raffle will be held & prizes awarded to attendees for the day’s playing achievements.

John Tim Worden, Founder & President of NMP anticipates an incredible event, saying, “Amateur golfers are clamoring for the match play experience. Those who were invited to the party know we’re filling a niche with immense potential.” Worden added, “If that’s not enough entertainment for one day, we’ll be heading to the owner’s suite at the A’s game afterwards.”

Not only is the launch party free to those invited, but so is the 1st year participation that will end in a fully paid playing spot in the National Finals to be held in early December 2022, and played at a Top 100 Resort in the Southwest (location to be announced within a week). Qualifying matches are set to begin in mid-August this year.

Located in Los Gatos California & co-founded by John Tim Worden who conceived of the tournament’s unique match play format — National Match Play, Inc. is a new breed of golf tournament for players of all skill levels — A Ryder Cup-esque Experience for Everyman! Tournament play spans the continental US in 6 Regions, each containing 6 Sections with 6 Areas. 216 Local Host Site courses host tournament matches where teams of local participants compete to rise from the Sectionals to the Regionals &, finally the Nationals.


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Published on: May 13, 2022

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